life at the boarding school

The boarding students at Haraldsgave, as our boarding school is called, come from homes in Denmark and in many other places in the world where their parents live and work. Most of the boarders are between the ages 15 to 19.


Life at a boarding school is not quite the same as living at home, but the main purpose for the staff, who all have teacher training, is to treat each individual student as an individual in his or her own right. This is accomplished by providing each student with the possiblities for growth and development in the safe framework of "responsible freedom". We emphasize the concepts of personal responsibility and respect for other people.


The staff at the boarding school all have teacher training. The boarding school inspector and his assistant inspector live on the premises and at all times the boarding school students may contact one of the staff.


To supervise and support each boarding school student's professional and social development, the staff of the boarding school and the teachers of the day school cooperate closely.


The school's regular contact with the parents is implemented through parent-teacher meetings. For the boarding school parents living abroad, the regular contact works through biannual written reports from the day school and from the boarding school regarding the student's professional standing and well-being in the school. In cases where further interaction is needed, the boarding school will contact the parents by phone, just as the parents are always welcome to contact the staff.

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