daily life

Daily schedule

  • The early bird is up and about before the wake-up alarm sounds at 6:45 a.m. Breakfast is at 7:15 and then it's off to school which begins at 8:15.
  • Mornings are spent at school - in grades 6 to 10 the lessons last 45 minutes, and in the gymnasium lessons last a full hour.
  • Lunch break is at 11:45 when there's a rush to the large serve-yourself lunch buffet in the boarder's dining room.
  • School ends sometime between 2 and 4 p.m.
  • After school it is time for the afternoon snack and free time until it is homework time.
  • Homework must be done for at least one hour and a half each day from 4:30 p.m. and you may call for help - if needed - from the teachers.
  • Dinner is the high time of the day - thanks to our very special chefs de cuisine. It begins at 6:00 p.m. sharp, unless you have given notice that you will not attend. Our chefs take care that boarders are acquainted with both traditional Danish courses and more difficult ones, such as eating artichokes while conversing the lady on your left about the topics of the day.
  • After dinner you either continue your homework or relax. Many different activities are offered as we make use of both the dayschool's facilities and the local ones.
  • Bedtime is between 10 and 11 p.m. on weekdays, depending on your age.


The school year

A school year is different from a normal calendar year. Our year begins in August and ends in June, and the life of the students at the boarding school is naturally closely connected with that of the day school.
We also have boarders who do not attend our dayschool, but go to Copenhagen International School in Hellerup. Their school year may differ slightly according to the schedule of the CIS.

Marks, tests and exams 

The school will report on the student's progress twice a year.
Marks are given before Christmas and around Easter and there are midterm tests, annual tests and exams - the latter in May-June.



The greatest annual events are the Christmas party and the summer cook-out, both of which are "cannot-wait-for"-events at the boarding school.
At the day school there are many extracurricular events throughout the year: The Harvest Festival, the Spring Concert , the Gala Night, and the School Plays.
School camp and study tours are also things to remember and are cherished by all students


Holidays and weekends

The boarding school is closed during the school holidays, that is Christmas, Easter, Whitsun, and the Summer- and Autumnholiday. You may check the actual dates in our "ferieplan".
Parents are advised not to apply for extra-curricular holidays unless it is absolutely necessary.


The boarding school stays open on week-ends. Time is spent sleeping longer than usual in the morning, catching up on your homework or simply enjoying the many leisure activities in Bagsværd or in the greater Copenhagen area.
We are fortunate to be just twenty minutes away from the centre of the nations's capital, where cinemas, theatres, and museums lure our students away from the pastoral idylls of Bagsværd.